About Me

My name is Kiran Scaria. I have completed my master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence from the Central University of Rajasthan. My main interest lies in the field of Artificial Intelligence although I am interested in all fields of Science. Artificial Intelligence is a quest to understand and explain intelligence and use that understanding to create intelligence.

Technology is a marvellous mystery. Marvellous in the sense that its capable of bringing joy to the saddest of humans, hope to the faintest of hearts and goodness in the darkest of times. And a mystery for being far away from human understanding, for its own good. Technology is magical and one who has conjured it is a magician. I consider myself a magician, learning new tricks every day and perfecting the older ones. In this journey of seeking knowledge, I like to bring smiles to the others’ faces and give them a true sense of magic.

When I do not indulge in this magical world, you can find me travelling with my camera. You can see my photographs at kiransphotographyblog.wordpress.com

If you would like to talk about anything interesting, you may fill in the contact form on the contact page. You can share your magical world with me by any of the links given below the page.

May your world be magical!